Sudi essentials

Chasing the great Scandinavian design heritage, Sudi crafts exquisite premium tableware products enhancing the key characteristics of a modern and exclusive lifestyle.

Sudi premium products combine great design features with daily functionality and health benefits of the very special materials – Copper, Bronze and Silver.

Sudi is worldwide highly distinctive and unique by offering you a subtle modern twist and an accomplished new drinking experience.

the Design

Sudi scandinavian design features straight lines, flat and smooth surfaces, clean edges and simple geometric shapes.
Sudi design is inspired by the well-balanced and soothed life mood of Scandinavians with easy to use products, minimalistic basic shapes and great geometries.

the Material

Solid blocks of Copper and Bronze are carefully selected and processed to meet the highest quality.
Copper and Bronze have an excellent heat conductivity, great corrosion resistance, great biofouling resistance and non-magnetic reaction.
Copper is the only one material known that purifies the water by killing any bacteria within a few hours time in its natural condition.

the Brand

Sudi is a premium quality design brand of tableware products.

Sudi products offer you an inspired mood and relaxed attitude witnessing your great life moments.

With Sudi, all your experiences will stand up for a new different feeling and life delight.

the Health Benefits

The top impressive health benefits of Copper and Silver were investigated many times and the key results are: cancer fighter, adjust the thyroid function, energy booster, anti-aging, protection against heart disease, improves blood circulation, faster skin healing, iron absorption, arthritis relief, helps immune functions, melanin production, protects cognitive function, growth and development and bone health.
Copper kills any water bacteria within 6-8 hours time acting as the most efficient natural water cleaner.
Drinking purified water from Sudi tableware products improves your health and rejuvenates your spirit.
the Quality

Sudi products are individual hand-made crafted with unique and exquisite appearance.

They are robust, volumetric, heavy and rough, appealing your attention to them when you use.

With ideal solid and massive shapes, Sudi products enhance your senses every time you get in touch with.

the Lifetime Warranty

Sudi products offer a lifetime distinctive experience for life generations maintaining all their particular characteristics and features unaltered.
Decades to come, Sudi products will enrich your daily events with great mood, better health and improved life routine.






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Sudi Decor

Sudi decor brings you unique and exquisite items to enrich with gracefulness your personal space at home or your work environment at the office.

Long spirits

Long Spirits are made to last longer and keep tasting to the end as great as the first sip experienced. Any of these glasses will let you to fully discover the distinctive savor and subtle perfume of each drink tasted. The drinking experience never has had a better meaning than now!

Short spirits

Short Spirits are the most intense and challenge your senses on every single glass you have. These glasses are designed and crafted to offer a new drinking attitude enhanced with pure moments of enjoyment. The exquisite design of these glasses uplifts their unique appearance on any living or bar table.

Water spirits

Water Spirits were the first ones ever discovered and they pleasure you with the same purity delight every time since. A glass like this one charms your spirit, cheers your life mood and makes you love more the unique source of life, cleanliness and health – the water. Purified water! Having a robust appearance and basic design shapes, these glasses lead your mood anytime to a better disposition.

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